Emmett for horses

To reach full potential, balance and pain-free movement in both horse and rider is vital in all equestrian disciplines. Emmett therapy is a unique approach to bodywork that is gentle, safe and profoundly effective.

What can Emmett do for horses?

- pain, tension and discomfort
- restriction in movement
- unbalanced or high head carriage
- saddle soreness or girthing issues
- poor performance/behaviour changes

Performance enhancement
- improved length of stride
- increased flexibility
- increased strength
- reduced recovery times

- keeping muscles flexible and pliable
- competition preparation and recovery

What to expect

Changes during and after treatment may be subtle or profound, depending on what your horse presents.

Gayle will ask you about any areas of concern as well as assessing your horse while standing and moving.

Treatments take approximately 40 minutes per horse. Be prepared to watch and be amazed as you see changes taking place in your horse!


$60 per horse
$100 horse and rider package


Gayle Jewson

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