Case studies

Being aware that pain can cause bad behaviour can save ponies, horses and owners a lot of heart ache.

Poppy is a pony who had suddenly become sour and nasty.

She was biting her young owner, who loved her dearly but  was losing confidence quickly. She had transformed from the perfect child’s pony to a sour, unhappy pony.

What caused this change in behaviour? 

When I treated Poppy, she really didn’t want to be touched.  She was EXTREMELY sore and she was doing her best to protect herself.

Biting ponies and young riders don't mix and if this behaviour had continued she may well have been moved on to another home with her owner having lost trust.

Following treatment

"Poppy is fantastic.  All her pain has gone and she has not bitten in ages. 

Thank you so much for working your magic with her."

   Kirrilee…..Yellingbo  Victoria

This warms my heart that a young girl has her pony back and can rebuild that trust, and that Poppy is again “the perfect child’s pony”.

Poppy and Taya

Poppy and Taya