Gayle Jewson - Emmett therapist, Melbourne

Gayle is an Emmett practitioner for people and horses and has been working with Emmett since 2004.

She's also a tutor for Emmett for horses and runs courses in Victoria, Northern Territory and New Zealand, instructing students up to practitioner level.

Having previously built up a loyal clientele in and around Melbourne's Yarra Glen, Victoria she has now expanded her equine practice to include therapy runs within a 300km radius of Melbourne.

Towing her gooseneck trailer, she brings this gentle and effective muscle release therapy to horses and riders.

About Emmett therapy

Emmett therapy uses the application of light pressure on specific points to achieve release in surrounding muscle tissue. It can release restrictions and improve circulation and lymphatic flow to enhance overall wellbeing.

It's a gentle and non-invasive approach that can achieve profound changes in gait, stance and range of movement. It's equally effective at addressing pain and discomfort as it is enhancing performance.

The technique was developed by Australian Ross Emmett, who continues to refine and teach it today.

Gayle has trained extensively with Ross, allowing her to offer the highest standard of equine muscle therapy.


Gayle Jewson