Emmett therapy for horses and humans - Melbourne, Victoria and New Zealand.

Gayle Jewson is an Emmett therapist who treats horses and people.

The Emmett technique is a gentle, non-invasive and profoundly effective therapy technique that helps to alleviate pain, release tight muscles and other restrictions, increase range of movement, improve balance and core strength, improve performance and recovery time.

Equally effective for people as for horses, it's a unique form of body work that can be used to solve physical problems as well as enhance performance.

Gayle works out of Yarra Glen and Rosanna near Melbourne, as well as travelling throughout Victoria and to New Zealand.

For horses

Gayle Jewson performing Emmett therapy on a horse

For horses of all types freedom of movement is vital. Their physical comfort and strength has a direct bearing not only on their ability to perform but also their behaviour.

Emmett therapy releases tension and restriction. Results include helping horses to perform better, recover faster from physical exertion and frequently appear calmer, as they're free from physical discomfort.

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For riders

Angela Dobbin on Yarra Valley Jelly Bean - two of Gayle Jewson's Emmett clients

Treating ridden horses is just part of the equation.

Any restrictions the rider is experiencing affect their own balance, strength and range of movement, which in turn can affect the horse.

When treating horses, Gayle also offers treatments that focus on the balance, strength and flexibility that assist the rider to work harmoniously with their horse.

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For everybody

Ross Emmett with Gayle Jewson

The Emmett technique - developed by Australian Ross Emmett - is equally effective on horses and dogs as it is on people.

There is no predetermined treatment approach. Every individual is assessed - with often subtle signs of pain or restriction noted through observing gait and stance - and specific corrections assist with relieving pain and discomfort or releasing that restriction.

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What people say about Gayle's Emmett therapy

Brook Dobbin on Carrado MVNZ, two of Gayle's Emmett clientsWe find Gayle to be a very important person for us in keeping our horses competing at their best.

Her ability to see problems and finding the right solution means our horses are always at peak fitness and performance levels.

They're well balanced and flexible, which is vital in the showjumping arena.

Equally as important, they remain calm as they are free from any pain and discomfort when we ask them to perform.


Brook & Angela Dobbin, Glenwood Park

Russell WhiteGayle has treated our horses over a long period of time with great success. TJ was an example of what Gayle can do.

TJ was really unwell and we didn't really know where to go with him. Gayle took him to Yarra Glen and treated him over a period of about 6 weeks.

He went from a horse that dragged himself around the paddock to competing at Barastoc in Hunter classes and coming home with 2 garlands and success in every class.

On day two at Barastoc, TJ looked stiff and sore and we thought we would miss that day's classes. Gayle worked on him and he went out and won both events that day.

Russell White

Holy moly!!!!! I’ve just ridden Flash and what an absolutely dramatic change. He was so soft and supple and just a pleasure to ride.

That’s it, you are stuck with me.

Book me in I need to learn this stuff! AMAZING!!!!!

WOW WOW WOW!!!! I’m blown away!!!!!!!

Sharyn Symonds, Victoria